Secrets of personal safety for today!
Calling on his twenty-five years of personal experience as a police defensive tactics trainer and professional bodyguard, Captain John Painter, Ph.D. has consulted with a hand picked team of top security professionals and police officers under the direction of the American Rangers Martial Law Enforcement Training Institute.

The program has taken three years of research and testing to produce a no-nonsense program of highly effective, easy to learn and apply security and personal safety information. Urban Survival is a unique information service, it is the only complete program dealing with all aspects of personal safety and individual protection principles and tactics for safety and peace of mind in the world today.

Captain Painter's Urban Survival Program is designed to help each individual avoid becoming a victim of terrorism or urban crime.

A study on American citizens' awareness and capabilities for crime preparedness, avoiding and preventing violent crime conducted by the American Rangers Martial Law Enforcement Training Institute™ in 1991 estimates:

Less than 2% of the inhabitants of the United States are capable of successfully defending themselves against a physical assault from one or more persons.

Less than 5% of the citizens who enroll in a karate or other martial arts-type class or in self-defense seminars achieve a proficiency that will make them capable of using this knowledge against an assailant in a real attack situation.

Less than 3% of citizens who own firearm for self-protection possess adequate training, knowledge and skills to use the weapons in an effective manner if attacked.

Captain Painter in a radio interview said this about unprepared Americans, "Ignorance, which is only a lack of knowledge, can be cured; but stupidity, which is the choice to remain unenlightened about the truth concerning one's safety in society, that is terminal! Every man, woman and child must learn how to take responsibility for his or her own life and they had better learn it now before it is too late!"


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