Tract 3. Unarmed Suspect Firearm Control ( 4 hrs )
A practical unarmed method of dealing with the close proximity subject who has a firearm. When there is no other choice any you must act if you understand PKC Proxemics and combat tactics you can learn to disarm a firearm wielding assassin.
a. Stopping the draw. How to prevent and take the suspect down in one action.
b. Holding at bay in range hand guns. How to disarm a handgun from front, side, rear within red zone.
c. Holding at bay disarms for long guns. How to disarm from front, side, rear within red zone.
Written and physical evaluation will be given to each student at completion of course to determine level of competency. No refunds will be given for failure to satisfactorily complete any or all phases of the training.

"Now we have two other Police Departments are adopting PKC methods in pistol tactics... they love it. The Sheriff is very adamant that to provide training of the highest quality available and share whatever we have of benefit. I also am arranging my schedule to come to you school at least 3 times in the coming year." - Sergeant, Rick Krausman Tactics Training Officer.

Police and Military

PKC Weapon to Weapons Tracks

Baton Track: (Straight stick and ASP or Monadnock expandable)
Many baton courses are not based on realistic field-tested techniques. There is a tremendous difference in striking to a stationary target or pad in the practice area and making effective contact in a street situation. The PKC methods of Baton tactics are based upon practical no-nonsense methods that work. We will tell you what works and what do not so you can be confident in your system.

1. Basics of 16" to 21" Baton, carry, deployment, blocking, striking.

2. Baton intermediate course. Defense, control, locks. Features defense against Hand, club, knife, and firearm.

" Captain Painter has found a way to blend the best of ancient and modern methods with his PKC. A system that really works when the chips are down, with no way out but over the top." - Trace Carpenter. Private Investigator, Dallas Texas.

PKC Defensive Tactics With Edge Weapons Track
A practical guide to using a knife when fighting against assailants armed with clubs, knives, firearms and multiple opponent situations. Also covers the knife as a hide out, escape and evasion weapon.
1. Selecting the best tactical knife
2. The fixed blade or the folder
3. Methods of wearing the tactical knife
4. Myths and reality of knives in combat
5. Deploying the tactical knife
6. The knife as a tool for escape and evasion
7. Vulnerable targets for knife combat


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