We stand behind the methods of PKC. They have been tried and proven by officers in law enforcement and military combat for over fifteen years. In this document you will find a listing of the various courses (Tracks) we offer. Each program requires full and complete officer participation through each program assignment.

Certificates of graduation will be presented only to those who demonstrate a skill level and basic knowledge of the material commensurate with the graduation requirements of each particular Tract. We do not “rubber stamp” training for anyone under any conditions. We at American Rangers cannot guarantee that a student will pass any particular program.

Instructors Training
We provide training programs to certify qualified individuals to teach the PKC methods in a number of categories. Training requires extensive physical and written testing to comply with strict ARMLETI regulations.

No one is allowed to instruct our PKC tactics, principles or concepts without written permission, given upon graduation, of the commanding officer of The American Rangers Law Enforcement Institute. Such permission will be in the form of a letter on official letterhead stating the student's qualification for teaching PKC or any part thereof.

Entry requirements to Law Enforcement PKC Training
Any and all non-law enforcement individuals not working in correctional facilities of for city services to and including private detective agents or bodyguards, private security guards applying for PKC training must submit to a through background check by the ARMLETI office before acceptance. American Rangers reserves the right to restrict training to any individual with a history of illegal drug, alcohol abuse or assault.

A law enforcement or military unit commander or tactical trainer in good standing with the American Ranger office must sponsor students who are not sworn law enforcement or military officers. All such candidates must be listed on company letterhead with the commanders' recommendations.

ARMLETI requires each applicant's full legal name, current address, telephone number, drivers' license number and social security numbers. These must be submitted two weeks prior to training. Failure to supply this information may result in rejection of the students' application for training.

Rangers Basic Evaluation Program.
All PKC programs either group or private begins with a basic evaluation of skill levels for each student. Each program is designed to evaluate and enhance the officer's existing skills. This will be held for one hour at the first class. We will be looking at:
1. Overall fitness level and general health.
2. Defensive postures and previous tactical skills.
3. Movement capabilities.
4. Centering and balance .
5. Physio-kinetics, coordination.
6. Endurance.
We at American Rangers believe that an officer who is confident of his or her skills will react with greater calm and be able to avoid allowing fear to force him or her into over reacting during a violent encounter. Student will be taught skills commensurate with their basic evaluation level. Methods and tactics will be balanced to fit the officers' size, strength and overall capabilities.

PKC Hand to Hand Tracts (16 hrs total)
The following programs are open to qualified group and individual officers or trainers wishing to progress through the PKC training concepts. For pricing and further information please fax, write or email cappainter@aol.com


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