Captain John Painter is the president of American Rangers Martial Law Enforcement Training Institute (ARMLETI). Capt. Painter holds a Ph.D. in Naturopathic Medicine. He is an "honorary" Texas Ranger and was commissioned as a "special deputy" for the Gregg County Texas Sheriff's Office in 1971. Captain Painter is an internationally known expert on personal safety and law enforcement training with over twenty-five year's experience in personal protection.

Capt. Painter is a certified Chinese martial arts instructor and a member of: US Chinese Martial Arts Council, Classical Chinese Internal Martial Arts Association, US Wushu Federation, US Baguazhang Research Council, AAU Chinese Baguazhang competition rules committee, Amateur Athletic Union certified judge for Chinese internal martial arts and weapons. Capt. Painter is also a member in good standing of the Life Sciences Stress Management Research Institute, Ortho-Molecular Medical Society and the Professional Hypnotists of America. He has authored fourteen books, articles and videotapes on the following subjects:
* PKC tactical practical combat methods for law enforcement.
* Street-wise combat.
* Stress management.
* Tactical philosophy.
* Chinese medicine and martial arts.
Capt. Painter began training in the Chinese combat arts in 1957 under the tutelage of a former Chinese bodyguard and martial arts master. He was awarded an instructor's certificate after ten years of study in the techniques of Taijiquan, Baguazhang and Xingyiquan. Capt. Painter has gained an international reputation as an expert in the internal Chinese martial arts. He has been twice elected to the Inside Kung Fu Magazine Hall of Fame. He has trained over 4,000 civilian students in the Chinese martial arts combat and stress management systems at the Wholistic Fitness Center in Arlington, Texas.

Beginning in 1970, Capt. Painter taught his PKC™ combat system on a private basis only to qualified bodyguards, law enforcement, military and government officials. His private client list includes members of the FBI, DEA, US Army Rangers, US Army Special Forces and US Marine Military Police officers. In 1990 Capt. Painter founded the American Rangers Martial Law Enforcement Training Institute™ featuring the PKC tactical combat system to meet the solicitations of numerous law enforcement officials who had requested he make public these methods to all tactical consultants, trainers and recruits in the law enforcement industry.

Captain Painter's PKC is a tactical combat system for law enforcement. PKC is a method derived from non-sport martial arts created by Chinese bodyguards. The same methods are now in use bu the elite Beijing China special police. The PKC combat methods, includes practical training in non-lethal combat against unarmed and armed assailants as well as a study of kinetics, proxemics, paralinguistics, plyometric exercise for developing explosive energy during combat and mental tactics for emotional as well as physical survival arising from violent conflicts.
Captain Painter is considered to be one of the world's foremost experts in practical, no-nonsense hand-to-hand combat training. He is a certified ASP baton trainer and has developed a number of unique principles for the ASP expandable and standard police batons, impact weapons, edged weapons, weapons concealment, detection and defense, joint locks, pressure points, escape and evasion tactics and physical training.

By January of 1992 he had logged over 2,000 hours of group and private training in tactical combat methods for more than 300 law enforcement and government officials. He currently trains police recruits as well as professional police tactical trainers and consultants throughout the United States in his PKC systems of hand-to-hand, hand-to-weapon and weapon-to-weapon combat.

Captain Painter appeared on the Phil Donahue Show on Tuesday, October 13, 1992 to demonstrate PKC Pa Kua Chang martial art. During the program Captain Painter demonstrated police restraint methods and non-lethal defense tactics as he was attacked with a series of unrehearsed chokeholds and punches at full combat speed by karate trained martial artists.

In the words of Donahue producer Adrienne M. Wheeler, "Capt. Painter, when that man attacked you and you effortlessly controlled him, took him to the ground and handcuffed him without hurting him, the audience went wild. Phil loved the show and your demonstration was part of the reason it went so well."

Based in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area, Captain Painter has assisted the Police Training Consultants, Inc. at the Arlington Texas Police Dept., acted as a bodyguard for such notables as Bill Cosby, Jerry Lewis, Kenny Rogers, Phil Donahue and many of the Dallas Elite. As a personal safety expert he has also instructed celebrity clients, Cindy Crawford, Craig T. Nelson and other Hollywood stars in self-defense and personal safety techniques. His "Urban Survival" program on personal security has been presented around the United States to the wives of business and industrial leaders, film and television stars and other personalities.

In 1994 Captain Painter was an assistant for the tactical, hand-to-hand combat training for students attending the police science course at the North Central Texas Council of Governments, Regional Training Center, Police Academy on special assignment for an NBC program focusing on police training. Captain Painter Ph.D. lives with his wife and three daughters in Arlington, Texas.

Capt. Painter is a member of the following organizations:
* American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers. (Aslet)
* Police Consultants Inc.
* Ortho-Molecular Medical Society. Member.
* American Rangers Martial Law Enforcement Training Institute.
* Special Deputy, Gregg County Texas Sheriff's office .
* Texas Ranger, Honorary Member.
* United States National Chinese Martial Arts Council.

For information on seminars and PKC training contact:
Captain John P. Painter, Ph.D.
American Rangers HQ.
P.O. Box 1777
Arlington, Texas 76004-1777.

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